Click on the above link to enter the secure online patient portal through Waiting Room Solutions, our electronic medical record.
If your child has already seen Dr. Flint, or if you have already called and given us your child's information, please do not register your child through the portal.  If you cannot remember your login username, you may call the office to obtain this information.
The portal can be used to update medical information, schedule appointments, or ask questions.



Self-Pay Rates
We are pleaseed to offer reasonable discounted fees for cash-pay patients that pay on the date of service.  These discounted rates also apply to those insured patients who are coming to see us outside of their insurance network.  It is important to remember that these discounted fees cannot be submitted to insurance for reimbursement.  However, these can be submitted, as appropriate, to a healthcare sharing ministry such as Samaritan Ministries.  Fees higher than the discounted fee will be charged if the bill is not paid in full at the time of service.

Visit Type Billing Code Standard Charge Discounted Fee
Nurse Visit 99211 $40 $20
Brief Visit 99212 $70 $35
Focused Visit 99213 $100 $50
Detailed Visit 99214 $120 $75
Well Child Exam Any $150 $85

Visit Type Billing Code Standard Charge Discounted Fee
Brief Visit 99201 $90 $45
Focused Visit 99202 $115 $55
Detailed Visit 99203 $170 $85
Comprehensive Visit 99204 $200 $100
Well Child Exam Any $180 $105

Notes:  Pre-Op physicals are generally billed as 99213 or 99201 unless they are done at the same time as another visit then different charges may apply.

Strep Test                                    $40    $20
RSV  Test                                    $20    $10
Flu Test                                        $30    $15
Urinalysis                                      $20    $10
Lead Test                                     $40    $20
Adenovirus (eye) Test                   $20    $10
Hemoglobin Test                          $20    $10
Lipid Panel                                   $40    $20
Glucose Test                                $10    $5
Monospot                                    $40    $20
Blood draw for outside testing      $20    $10
For self-pay families without insurance, vaccines are covered through the state VFC program.  There is a $8.00 fee associated with each vaccine given as an adminstration charge. 
If you have any questions about the Self-Pay rates, please do not hesitate to ask Dr. Flint.